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  • Field Work and Research Methodology in Geography 

    Karanja, Amon; Njue, Paul (LAP Lampert Academic Publishing, 2016)
    Geography is the study of the physical and human phenomena on the earth. The central concern of the discipline is to describe the patterns of the spatial distribution of these phenomena and to seek an explanation, or to ...
  • Geomorclimatology 

    Karanja, Amon; Njue, Paul (LAP Lampert Academic Publishing, 2016)
    The book provides a discussion and an introduction to climatology and the characteristics and global distribution of climatic elements and how the climate relates to landforms in respect to each topic. The study of landforms ...
  • Technology use, Gender and the Role of Non-Farm Income in Agricultural Investment:An Empirical Analysis of Two Counties in Kenya 

    Wambugu, Stephen K.; Karugia, Joseph T.; Oluoch-Kosura, Willis (Oxford, 2018)
    This chapter examines maize productivity, technology use in maize, and the impact of non-farm income (NFI) on agricultural investment in Kenya, giving them a gender dimension. The study first concludes that there are no ...
  • Mkasa wa Shujaa Liyongo 

    Matundura, Bitugi (Phoenix, 2001)
    Mkasa wa Shujaa Liyongo ni hadithi inayomulika kiny’ang’anyiro cha uongozi kati ya ndugu wawili: Liyongo na Daudi Mringwari. Baba yao Fumo anapofariki kutokana na ugonjwa, wanaanza kung’ang’ania uongozi wa jimbo la shanga. ...